California Cannabis CPA Experience

California Cannabis CPA Experience – Firms & Practitioners

How does a client properly evaluate a California cannabis CPA experience?

California Cannabis CPA Experience
California Cannabis CPA Firms

We find ourselves constantly being asked about the difference between accounting firms that are involved with cannabis companies in California. Once we dig into the topic, it quickly becomes amusing when the differences among firms are addressed based on the facts rather than perception. Perhaps we can identify some significant attributes which we think are relevant:

  • Is the firm led by certified public accountants? We think that a CPA is the VASTLY superior choice over an Enrolled Agent for numerous reasons which you can read more about here.
  • Are the firm’s leadership CPA’s licensed in California? Our thought is that if the subject is California commercial cannabis industry, then you should limit your choices to a licensed California cannabis CPA.
  • Does the CPA have an “A” endorsement in California? The “A” endorsement validates experience for the performance of attest services, while the “G” endorsement is precluded from signing attest reports.
  • How long has the CPA been licensed? The time that a CPA has been in professional practice provides insight into certainly their level of experience, and most likely their level of expertise. 
  • Does the individual have Big 4 experience? Despite what many of the less experienced firms would like you to believe, the Big 4 has been, is and will continue to be the “Gold Standard” for training, experience, and professional development for CPA’s.
  • What level of experience with Big 4? Once you confirm Big 4 experience, then the question becomes, how far did the individual advance with the firm. The difference between two years on the audit staff and a full equity partner, such as both Jordan S. Zoot CPA, and Samuel E. Levinson CPA were is HUGE.
California Cannabis CPA Experience

The quickest way to investigate a California Cannabis CPA’s credentials are either which links to every State Board of Accountancy in the United States, or for California, the California Board of Accountancy. While you can certainly go back and look someone up, we decided it would be interesting to pull together a handy spreadsheet to start the effort.

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