Los Angeles – City Cannabis

Los Angeles – City Cannabis

Los Angeles – City Cannabis is a compilation of resources for the cannabis industry in the Los Angeles.

The Department of Cannabis Regulation (DCR) is responsible for administering the Rules and Regulations adopted by the Council for licensed commercialLos Angeles - City Cannabis cannabis businesses within the City of Los Angeles. The DCR administers the business application process in conjunction with the Cannabis Regulation Commission, makes determinations related to non-retail cannabis licensing, administers and coordinates the audit and inspection processes for licensed cannabis-related businesses, and enforcing regulatory compliance of licensed businesses engaged in commercial cannabis activity.

Licensed cannabis businesses are subject to the location and distancing requirements within the Commercial Cannabis Location Restriction Ordinance. Generally, licensed cannabis businesses must locate within identified zones where specified types of commercial cannabis activity are eligible to operate. Furthermore, licensed cannabis businesses must also observe specified distances from sensitive sites, as well as from other commercial cannabis retail activity with onsite sales. Existing Medical Marijuana Dispensaries that are approved for licensing shall not be subject to the zone, distance and sensitive use restrictions within the Commercial Cannabis Location Restriction ordinance until after December 31, 2022.

Measure M, passed by over 80% of voters in March 2017, gave City Council the full authority to regulate cannabis-related activity within the City of Los Angeles.  With that authority, the Department of Cannabis Regulation was established by ordinance on July 30, 2017.

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