CA Com Doc Suite – CCDS

CA Com Doc Suite – CCDS

CA Com Doc Suite – CCDS is our document suite for use by California Distributors.

We are providing a preview of a something that has been in development for close to a year. If you or a business you work with is involved in the commercial cannabis industry in California the changes the game. [At this time, we no intention of expanding development for jurisdictions outside of California [the complexity of compliance requirements are difficult to comprehend].

​​We have developed a Commercial Cannabis Distribution Suite [“CCDS”] which is fully compliant with California Regulatory Agency [ Bureau of Cannabis Control [“BCC”], Dept. of Public Health – Manufactured Cannabis Safety Board [“CDPH”], Dept. of Agriculture – CalCannabis Cultivation Unit [“CDFA”], Department of Tax and Fee Administration [“CDTFA”].

CCDS will have full integration with Google Cloud’s G Suite for Email, Contacts, Documents, Drive and Sheets, Microsoft Office 365’s Outlook, Word and Excel, Intuit QuickBooks Online, Xero Cloud Accounting, Slack and Adobe Acrobat – each coming online starting 2Q – 4Q 2018.

We are looking at integration with Fishbowl Inventory/Manufacturing and Franwell’s METRC.

If you are interested in the platform, please contact us to be added to our list.

CA Com Doc Suite - CCDS
California Commercial Cannabis Document Suite – CCDS

Consignor Registration

Consignee Registration

Commercial Transportation Manifest

Commercial Cannabis Invoice

Commercial Cannabis Receipt

Owner’s Information

Core Information

Cannabis Services

Purchase Order

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Types of Distributor Licenses
  • Distributor – Is responsible for transporting cannabis goods, arranging for testing of cannabis goods, and conducting quality assurance review of cannabis goods to ensure they comply with all packaging and labeling requirements.
    • Transporting cannabis goods
    • Arranging for laboratory testing
    • Conducting quality assurance review of  cannabis goods to ensure they comply with all  packaging and labeling requirements
    • Storage of cannabis goods
  • Distributor transport – Allows a licensee to transport cannabis goods between licensed cultivators, manufacturers, and distributors. A licensee may not transport cannabis goods to a licensed retailer and may not engage in sales.
    • Transports cannabis goods between licensed  cultivators, manufacturers, and distributors
    • Does not transport cannabis goods to retailer  except for immature live plants and seeds  being transported from a licensed nursery
  • Key Requirements
    • Transportation of cannabis goods:
    • May only be done by a distributor or  distributor transport only licensee or their employees’
    • Transport vehicles must have an alarm  system
    • Medicinal and adult‐use cannabis goods may  be transported together if they are clearly  identified and secured and separated from  each other in the vehicle
    • Must generate a shipping manifest prior to  transporting