Consignor Reg

Consignor Reg

Consignor Reg is BCC and CDTFA, compliant consignor registration which captures all of the information required to meet recordkeeping requirements.

Consignor Reg
California Commercial Cannabis Document Suite – CCDS

Types of Distributor Licenses

  • Distributor – Is responsible for transporting cannabis goods, arranging for testing of cannabis goods, and conducting quality assurance review of cannabis goods to ensure they comply with all packaging and labeling requirements.
    • Transporting cannabis goods
    • Arranging for laboratory testing
    • Conducting quality assurance review of  cannabis goods to ensure they comply with all  packaging and labeling requirements
    • Storage of cannabis goods
  • Distributor transport – Allows a licensee to transport cannabis goods between licensed cultivators, manufacturers, and distributors. A licensee may not transport cannabis goods to a licensed retailer and may not engage in sales.
    • Transports cannabis goods between licensed  cultivators, manufacturers, and distributors
    • Does not transport cannabis goods to retailer  except for immature live plants and seeds  being transported from a licensed nursery
  • Key Requirements
    • Transportation of cannabis goods:
    • May only be done by a distributor or  distributor transport only licensee or their employees’
    • Transport vehicles must have an alarm  system
    • Medicinal and adult‐use cannabis goods may  be transported together if they are clearly  identified and secured and separated from  each other in the vehicle
    • Must generate a shipping manifest prior to  transporting

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