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Welcome to CA Cannabis Industry – Place For Everything Without Place. They have started to make cannabis a legal commodity and provide equal protection and equal opportunity to cannabis users. This, however, is a beginning—not just an end.

Such gains will need to be protected. Cannabis legalization is often thought of in terms of the victimization of cannabis users by the law, by the criminal justice system. But prohibition empowers another form of victimization of cannabis users, victimization by an unregulated market.

A legalized market does more than end arrests; it also levels the playing field by empowering consumers. Many of the issues highlighted above are consumer issues, for example, insurance, job security and personal cultivation.

One of the key conflicts after legalization will be that between the marijuana industry and the marijuana consumer, and a key issue will be the extent the government sides with industry against the consumer or with the consumer against the industry.

How will marijuana consumers protect their gains and assert their interests?

This will become the most important marijuana policy issue of all in the post-legalization age. More important, it may be the most important aspect of getting legalization accomplished. Consumer protection organizations may be both a necessary and sufficient condition for achieving a true, lasting and effective end to prohibition.

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