Assistance – Client Support Portal

Assistance – Client Support Portal

Welcome to Assistance – Client Support Portal.


Assistance - Client Support Portal
Assistance – Client Support Portal

When you “write-up” a question, please do your best to write in clear, full sentences with proper grammar, punctuation, and spelling [if something is great, DON’T use gr8, as it is both more difficult to search and somewhat ignorant]. Where possible, please submit sensitive and personal financial information in a second or later post in the thread that develops in response to your question, as that helps us “prune” or redact a question and convert it to an FAQ which allows us to increase the efficiency of our work.

  • The comprehensive history of tickets submitted to the Client Support Portal is available for reference and review.
  • Please use good judgment, and if you wouldn’t ask in a meeting with your spouse present, don’t put it in a ticket. Some topics are best discussed in a call or a face to face meeting or video chat. Further, a ticket with pejorative, hateful, racist or offensive language might be deleted from the system at our sole and absolute discretion…the First Amendment doesn’t apply to our website.
  • Thanks again we appreciate your business and hope this is helpful. Enjoy the day and don’t be a stranger.

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