Predictive Analytics – Cannabis Big Data

Predictive Analytics – Cannabis Big Data

Predictive Analytics – Cannabis Big Data

Cannabis Big Data describes itself as:

Think of us as your data analytics or business intelligence department, for a fraction of the cost & time of hiring in-house. We are dedicated & experienced, so you get the actionable insights without the technical headaches. We work with the entire cannabis industry to provide modules, analytics, and packages that make your data intuitive and actionable.

They provide services to:

» Licensed Businesses
» Ancillary Businesses
» Investors
» Governments
» Media Companies
» Non-profits

Their resources tab contains a Table of Contents which they describe as:

Intro to Data for Cannabis Businesses

Licensed cannabis businesses can increase profits & efficiency by putting your data to work for you.  Sometimes, knowing where to start can be challenging and confusing.

This educational series is written for owners or operators of licensed cannabis businesses to better understand how to use your data to unlock actionable insights that level up your business.

This educational series is broken out by topics for each type, or vertical, of licensed cannabis business.  Each article is written independently and cumulatively, so you can click through to what interests you most or start at the top and work your way down.

We are constantly editing and refining our resources.