Machine Learning, AI

Machine Learning, AI

Google Cloud Machine Learning Engine

A dynamic managed service that enables you to easily build machine learning models with the TensorFlow framework that powers many Google products.

Google Cloud Machine Learning (ML) Engine is a managed service that lets you easily build machine learning models for any data type or size. Create models using the same framework that powers products like Google Photos and Google Cloud Speech.

Here’s what Cloud Machine Learning Engine delivers
  • Prediction at Scale Seamlessly transition from training to prediction, using online and batch prediction services. Global load balancing enables you to automatically scale your ML application to reach users worldwide.
  • Fully Managed Service Focus on building models instead of handling clusters with a managed serverless infrastructure that handles provisioning, scaling, and monitoring for large datasets.
  • Easy ML Model Builds Develop models easily with Cloud Datalab, automatically tune model training for better results with HyperTune and use TensorFlow to understand data, create model graphs, train models and analyze model quality.
  • Deep Learning Capabilities Cloud Machine Learning supports any TensorFlow models, so you can build and use models that work on any type of data, across a range of scenarios.
Google Cloud Machine Learning APIs
  • Text Analysis – Reveal the structure and meaning of the text with powerful ML models. Cloud Natural Language REST API extracts information about people, places, events and more.
  • Speech Recognition – Cloud Speech API lets you convert audio to text. Transcribe dictation taken through an app’s microphone or enable command-and-control through voice.
  • Image Analysis – Understand the content of an image with the powerful machine learning models encapsulated in the Google Cloud Vision REST API.
  • Fast, Dynamic Translation –  Google Cloud Translation API provides a simple programmatic interface for translating an arbitrary string into any supported language.
  • Job Search and Discovery – The Cloud Jobs API anticipates what job seekers are looking for and surfaces targeted recommendations that help them discover new opportunities.
  • Video Analysis – Make videos searchable and discoverable by extracting entities. Cloud Video Intelligence REST API annotates videos and helps you identify key metadata details and occurrences.

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