Certifications ?? Certifications ?? Certifications ?? – We seem to have acquired a reputation for being absolute hard asses when it comes to the integrity of the legal commercial cannabis industry in California. Certifications ??Our Managing Director, Jordan S. Zoot has been entirely transparent with respect to his professional education and credentials [Linkedin profile and background].

We have articulated a set of principles and issues for the development of self-regulation and the underpinning of pillars of integrity for the industry. [See Gumballs and Gumballs Trump Don’t Know]. We have ranted and railed for the end to “pay to play” in speaking opportunities at industry conferences [See California Accounting Tax Institute – Cannabis  ] as our view is that experts should be encouraged to share their knowledge for the benefit and growth of the legal cannabis industry.

We have highlighted the California Board of Accountancy requirement that CPA’s who live and work in California MUST be licensed in California [here]. We have highlighted the due diligence which should be done when choosing an attorney or CPA firm, and what “virtual” should mean and what it should not [See CPA Firms – Virtual versus Reality], and highlighted the differences between CPA and attorneys, in Cannabis Biz Tough – Lawyers – CPA’sand called for cooperation in Legal Cannabis Support – Clarion Call.

We even went so far as to create a “special home” for nefarious and sub-standard practice at Smelly Stinky Nefarious Tax Practice – New HomeWe have highlighted the importance of bloggers and “experts” producing their own work in Post Stupid Stuff – Make Sure Its Yours Certifications ??

When it comes to credible education in the cannabis industry, we are highly skeptical of programs that are based upon self-aggrandizement and self-proclaimed experts.

  • McGeorge School of Law and University College have partnered to offer the NEW online Cannabis Law Certificate. This certificate is designed for lawyers aiming to enhance their knowledge in the rapidly expanding and evolving area of cannabis law. Courses are asynchronous and developed to address legal, regulatory, business, and ethical issues related to cannabis law at the state and federal level. This is a real academic program run by an accredited law school.
  • We are impressed with the program offerings from

We have run across a program which gives us very serious cause for concern. purports to offer educational programs and has started marketing CERTIFICATION EXAMs. We have very serious concerns with a FOR-PROFIT entity offering anything with a “certification” label, particularly when we can’t find anything that outlines the topical coverage of the so-called certification exams, e.g. content specification outlines or much detail beyond an “about page“.

We would welcome input from Green-Flower to better understand who they are and what they do. The emphasis on “Certification” which they assert has recognition and credibility, the source of which we don’t understand over an emphasis on “Education” is perhaps the disconcerting aspect.

Obviously, we are only stating our opinion, and “opinions are like assholes, everybody has one”. We are eager to listen and learn and be convinced about the certification. However, in the interim, our education and experience is transparent and fully verifiable. Certifications ??



Author: abizcannabis

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