Legal Mumbo-Jumbo – Advisors

Legal Mumbo-Jumbo – Advisors

Legal Mumbo-Jumbo – Advisors represents our having completed the build-out of policies, notices, and well…legal mumbo-jumbo that we believe, or have been advised is required, necessary, and just good planning for a legal cannabis industry business. In our case, as a firm of certified public accountants, though substantially all of the guidance has application for attorneys, Circular 230 Practitioners, and any other professional that has on-going involvement with the provision of professional advice to cannabis industry businesses or otherwise.

We need to emphasize and repeat that substantially all of the documents which are included herein ARE NOT BOILERPLATE. We have spent well in excess of 200 hours, six digits in legal fees and discussions with five different flavors of attorneys with per diem rates starting at $500 and quickly escalating to $950/hour. These documents were crafted to work with the unique issues associated with our practice, and only an ASSHOLE would assume that they can cut and paste them into another business.

We preface the discussion by noting that if your website is built on WordPress, then the WPAutoTerms plug-in is worth 50X what it costs.

Here are the pages we created:

Legal Mumbo-Jumbo Omnibus provides an index to legal pages, disclosures, and the rest of the Legal Mumbo-Jumbo Omnibus shit that keeps our lawyers and insurance carriers calm and tolerable.

Legal Mumbo-Jumbo - Advisors

We have invested a shit ton of $$ in producing the best documents and agreements we can to protect our business. As a general matter of policy, we DO NOT modify our core documents without an EXCEPTIONALLY good reason.  So it isn’t a deal breaker, please don’t even ask.

Engagement Letter

Audit Engagement Representation Rider

Business Engagement Letter – Accounting – Tax Compliance – Consultation

Financial Crimes Enforcement Network FINCEN Report Rider

Individual Compliance Services Rider

Tax Projections Rider – Incorporated- Business Engagement Letter

General Terms and Conditions

– contains the provisions that become incorporated into our Engagement Letters

GDPR Privacy Policy
Website Terms and Conditions
Digital Millennium Copyright Act – DMCA
Cannabis Industry Policy

– addresses the unique requirements of the legal cannabis industry

Diversity Policy

– addresses issues associated with diversity, all forms of harassment and equal opportunity for everyone.

Creative Commons – Fair Use License
Post Stupid Stuff – Make Sure Its Yours

– our compilation of resources for citation and attribution for the use of authoritative items and attribution for use of the work and ideas of others.

Regulation of Tax Professionals

– is our resource for vetting and understanding your tax advisors.

Legal Mumbo-Jumbo – Advisors

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