Zoot Gets Zoot Suited

Zoot Gets Zoot Suited

Zoot Gets Zoot Suited …Well…this is possibly the first time I was ever happy to lose a bet to a client. In this case, one of our new cannabis industry clients near Los Angeles. The consequence of losing the bet is the client get to redo part of my wardrobe. What am I getting…ugh…think Siegals in LA…yep…ZOOT SUITS [I am petrified of what my dumpy ass is going to look like, but fair is fair. Just to provide plenty of advance warning…here is a preview of his selections for me…going to be in San Francisco end of August so we need to set a date with the tailor. Well enough bullshitting…here goes.

First suit..Navy Chalk Stripe – Zoot Gets Zoot Suited

This one is by far my favorite of the bunch. I do need to do something about shoes. I don’t think topsiders will cut it. I went and looked to replace my favorite shoes from thirty years ago which were Ferragamo Wing tips…found the same shoes with a $900 price tag so that isn’t happening, but they are just beautiful. Zoot Gets Zoot Suited

The second suit selection is pure torture…though I just might get used to it…Apple Green…grab your sunglasses.  I guess if I am going Zoot Gets Zoot Suited to look like a horse’s ass…it might as well be an Apple Green horse’s ass.

Well…this it cool…a real Stetson Beaver Fur Fedora. Zoot Gets Zoot Suited

I wonder what it is going to look with a Fedora and sweatpants…not that I would think twice about it.

The final suit is an El Pachuco…I am just about at a loss for words.

Zoot Gets Zoot Suited

Zoot Gets Zoot Suited

Hopefully, every single one of you will have mercy and observe the “you don’t talk about how fat someone is when you are in the sauna rule”.

[A bit of history] It was June 1943 when the riots broke out. For over a week, white U.S. soldiers and sailors traversed Los Angeles beating up allegedly “unpatriotic” Mexican-American men, identifiable by their conspicuously voluminous attire. It was, as the historian Kathy Peiss writes in Zoot Suit: The Enigmatic Career of an Extreme Style, “perhaps the first time in American history that fashion was believed to be the cause of widespread civil unrest.”

Starting this month, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art will feature an authentic example of one of these catalyzing ensembles as part of a new exhibition, “Reigning Men: Fashion in Menswear, 1715–2015.”
Read more: https://www.smithsonianmag.com/arts-culture/brief-history-zoot-suit-180958507/#6emTzk8v0ACYLFfD.99

With its super-sized shoulder pads, sprawling lapels and peg leg pants, the zoot suit grew out of the “drape” suits popular in Harlem dance halls in the mid-1930s. The flowing trousers were tapered at the ankles to prevent jitterbugging couples from getting tripped up while they twirled. By the ’40s, the suits were worn by minority men in working-class neighborhoods throughout the country. Though the zoot suit would be donned by the likes of Dizzy Gillespie and Louis Armstrong, it was “not a costume or uniform from the world of entertainment,” the Chicago big-band trumpeter and clothier Harold Fox once said. “It came right off the street and out of the ghetto.’’

Zoot Gets Zoot Suited

Fox was one among many, from Chicago to Harlem to Memphis, who took credit for inventing the zoot suit—the term came out of African-American slang—but it was actually unbranded and illicit: There was no one designer associated with the look, no department store where you could buy one. These were ad hoc outfits, regular suits bought two sizes too large and then creatively tailored to dandyish effect.

The best part for last…the second part of the bet is I get photographed in all of this stuff an have to update this post with your truly as the model.

This is a great fit for According to Zoot

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