Cannabis Biz Tough – Lawyers – CPA’s

Cannabis Biz Tough – Lawyers – CPA’s

Cannabis Biz Tough - Lawyers - CPA's
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Cannabis Biz Tough – Lawyers – CPA’s …its time to cut the crap, end the self-aggrandizement and refocus on working jointly to put commercial cannabis businesses FIRST. Sometimes we lose sight of the reality that without clients that assume entrepreneurial risk in a chaotic business every day we would all have nothing to do. Collectively, we seem to have lost sight of the reality that if they don’t succeed that WE FAIL AS WELL.

Please make sure you read the accompanying piece

Cannabis Biz Tough – Lawyers – CPA’s

We have seen a couple of really egregious examples of attorneys essentially fear mongering and tweaking nerves to create anxiety to seek to use fear and pain as the driver to suggest that they are either

(i) the lead advisor of choice and that you need to follow their guidelines for selecting an accountant [never mind if they don’t understand the difference between a CPA with MS-Taxation vs. an Enrolled Agent or a bookkeeper that isn’t required to have ANY verifiable education or experience whatsoever or

(ii) they are seeking to stir un anxiety,  and fear about who should represent a taxpayer in an audit lets the sky fall in on them

Well, that isn’t how it works and we have a real treat for the gentlemen that wrote the original pieces. Both of them are accomplished, very capable attorneys which are all the more reason to take them to task for producing such abhorrent material. How many of you saw this

OMG, this is WRONG!’ Former SC teacher edits White House letter, sends it to Trump

First, we have –

Tax Audit Defense Worth It? – David W. Klasing, Esq. and our mark up

The second is

What to Look for in a Cannabis Accountant – James Hunt Esq, Harris Bricken

Gentlemen…this is a nasty undertaking that we would prefer not to have had to do. However, we don’t appreciate having it done to us. We do intend to put something out tomorrow that highlights the “right way forward” and would hope everyone is willing to join in for the benefit our clients in the specific, and the cannabis industry in California in general.

We have provides a substantial amount of additional reference material deeper into our website.

Kovel Doctrine – Expanded Privilege

Additional Issues – Civil vs. Criminal Audit

Eggshell, Chicken, Reverse Eggshell

Cannabis Biz Tough – Lawyers – CPA’s

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