– Interworking Tool – Interworking Tool – Interworking Tool has been an invaluable tool for us as a CPA firm that deals with clients that use a myriad of platforms. We run our core practice on Salesforce Service Cloud Enterprise edition. We maintain files on:

Dropbox Business – Advanced – Enterprise

Google Drive

Microsoft One Drive Business

Evernote Business - Interworking Tool – Interworking Tool

Our Clients have widely varied business workflows and are NOT going to change their content management platform because we tell them that we use the X platform. Our Salesforce instance is built out to work with every single one of them, and we have incorporated the first three into our website so a client can have their client portal interface with us in any one of them.

Internally, we are heavily reliant on G Mail, Dropbox Business MS Word and MS Excel. We use the Dropbox “Badge” and Gmail integration with Dropbox.

Our infrastructure is based upon:

Drobo 5N2’s coupled with Time Machine for MacOS Devices

Azure Cloud Back Up for Windows Servers and

Amazon S3 for back up of Box. Dropbox and G Drive CMS and GMail.

If we didn’t say it upfront, CloudHQ IS THE GLUE that holds many of the disparate pieced together with some assistance from [which is essentially Zapier on steroids]. We rely heavily on CloudHQ to connect apps that would not otherwise communicate.

The specific functions that CloudHQ is integral to for us include:

Back up: We’ll back up our information stored in G Suite and across various cloud services to Amazon S3 or some other cloud storage (Dropbox, Box, etc.)

Gmail label sharing: We use CloudHQ to setup shared Gmail labels for collaboration on incoming emails – great for CRM, sales, recruiting, HR, etc.

Automatic saving of emails and attachments: cloudHQ can automatically save and convert to PDF/HTML emails to cloud storage (for example, all invoices received via email can be automatically saved).

Integration of other cloud apps: cloudHQ can integrate other apps used in your organization with your Google Apps: Salesforce, Evernote, Basecamp, Dropbox, etc. This drastically improves our collaboration and productivity.

CloudHQ is our “go to” for interworking, Gmail Productivity, Back Up, Sync and Migration. It is also a critical part of our Data Loss Prevention stratety. – Interworking Tool

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