Felony Weight – Cannabis

Felony Weight – Cannabis

Felony Weight – Cannabis charges to be brought?

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Felony Weight - Cannabis
Amount of cannabis required for a felony charge

While it’s legal in Colorado to use marijuana recreationally, there are limits to the amount you can possess before it becomes a misdemeanor or felony. The same goes for Washington, Oregon, and Alaska, all of which have voted to legalize recreational marijuana.

Making felony possession an even more dangerous game, certain states have laws that make possession over a certain amount an automatic felony intent to distribute charge, even if you have no real intent to distribute.

Felonies, don’t just land you in jail – they also result in a significant loss of civil rights. With a felony on your record, you may no longer have the right to own a gun, the right to vote, the right to hold political office, the right to serve as a police officer, and more. In addition, many employers refuse to hire convicted felons, making it difficult to find work following a judgment.

How about a map of where medical cannabis is legal and other interesting tidbits from geography.

Felony Weight - Cannabis
Where is cannabis legal?

The states with the most draconian laws are Arizona and Oklahoma.

Felony Weight - Cannabis
Strictest Statutes

These states don’t play around. If you’re caught with marijuana here, even a relatively low amount on your first offense will doom you.


If you’re living in the deserts of Arizona, it’s particularly unwise to keep marijuana around. Arizona is the strictest state in America in terms of enforcing marijuana possession. In fact, it’s the only state in the union where any amount of marijuana will draw a guaranteed felony charge on the first offense.


Florida’s medical marijuana ballot initiative failed in the 2014 midterms – not a shocker considering it’s one of the top five most unforgiving states to first-time offenders caught with marijuana. Carrying more than 0.7 ounces will earn a felony in the Sunshine State.


The only state rivaling Arizona’s strictness on a first offense is Oklahoma. Any amount of marijuana will earn you one year in jail, and the state can charge you with a felony or misdemeanor.

Here is a resource for more information by state.

More information about state legislation:
Alabama  – Alaska  – Arizona  – Arkansas  – California  – Colorado  – Connecticut  – Delaware  – District of Columbia  – Florida  – Georgia  –Hawaii  – Idaho  – Illinois  – Indiana  – Iowa  – Kansas  – Kentucky  – Louisiana  – Maine  – Maryland  – Massachusetts  – Michigan  –Minnesota  – Mississippi  – Missouri  – Montana  – Nebraska  – Nevada  – New Hampshire  – New Jersey  – New Mexico  – New York (Penal Law § 221.20)  – North Carolina  – North Dakota  – Ohio  – Oklahoma  – Oregon  – Pennsylvania  – Rhode Island  – South Carolina  – South Dakota  – Tennessee  – Texas  – Utah  – Vermont  – Virginia  – Washington  – West Virginia  – Wisconsin  – Wyoming

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