Xero – Accountancy Profession – Fintech

Xero – Accountancy Profession – Fintech

Xero – Accountancy Profession – Fintech – Keri Gohman INSULTS and DEMEANS CPAs, ACAs and FCAs around the world when she fails to understand the difference between the Accountancy Profession and the “Accounting Industry” which in reality is the software or technology industry. All of the AI, machine learning, and “beautiful software” in the world will NEVER, repeat NEVER permit a bookkeeper, generic accountant, computer science master of the universe or Enrolled Agent [who may or may not have any relevant experience or education] to replace the professional education, experience, insight and judgment of a CPA [you can learn more about the topic at Software Will Never Replace CPA Judgment.

Xero - Accountancy Profession - Fintech
Ms. Gohman time to pull your head out of your ass.
@AICPA @markkoziel @barrymelancon @EdwardKarlTax @KeriGohman @douglabahn ACCOUNTANCY IS A PROFESSION NOT AN INDUSTRY, https://t.co/S81GcuBQXb

— abizinabox (@abizinabox) June 9, 2018

Xero has amazing relationships with the Accountancy Profession in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and the United Kingdom, as well as the rest of the European Union. It is difficult to comment about India and the rest of the THIRD WORLD. Xero has no meaningful relationship with the profession in the United States. Ben Richmond and Amy Vetter FAILED MISERABLY with both the Accountancy Profession and CPA Xero Accounting Partners. The root cause of their failure is the lack of recognition of what CPA means in the United States.

We are CLEARLY a thought leader and at the cutting edge of the legal commercial cannabis industry in California, and perhaps the United States as well. The Xero Partner Program has done nothing to engage with us. We went from November 2017 to June 2018 without any contact after our Xero Partner Manage was terminated. Oh, they I should add that they never missed getting an invoice out on time which speaks volumes about their priorities and values.

Does anyone agree that inviting us to participate @xerocon would have been a smart idea? We certainly do as we get questions and requests for cannabis industry assistance and guidance from Xero Accounting Partners EVERY SINGLE DAY. Dear Keri Gohman, perhaps you should investigate getting a glass navel if your head if can’t get your rectal-cranial inversion fixed.


Finally, we have and update.



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